MUSHROOM by Michael Becker
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January 12, 2020

Little white mushroom

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Ruth Carll's picture

Hey Michael, this is a nice image! Compared with the one you entered in the backlit CtheC, this one has better composition and it is awesome that the "wind" blew away that piece of grass in the foreground before you took this shot. Nice work! You could hit this with a radial mask giving a warm brighting to the lightest part of the mushroom wich would give it the whole glowy backlit thing even more and swap it for the one in the contest. I am guessing this one would do even better! Just wanted to say nice work.

Michael Becker's picture

Thankyou for noticing and all the praise. It is rare here on this site. To answer your question, I thought the other mushroom seemed more backlit. Also I do not have access to photoshop. I use only Nikons software and a minimalist program about 15 years old. I am on a very tight budget so I just make due with what I have.