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Downtown Dubai

I got super lucky with the clouds. It’s a time blend.

I follow the weather over the course of the winter in Dubai, the one thing I always do is pay attention to the rain. When there is rain I start planning a shot. After a storm Visibility is vastly improved and the atmospheric haze is dampened down for about 36 hours, the sunset will have clouds and incredible colors.

18mm · f/9.0 · 6s · ISO 50
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Wow, nice shot! I can't help but wish you could've kept the clouds super sharp though. Very tasteful edit and colors, so many would have taken it too far.

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Believe me there were edits that I took it too far, I’ve been concentrating on refining everything so I appreciate the comment, those clouds were moving so fast there was no hope of capturing them sharper without sacrificing iso which I’m not willing to do ever on landscape/cityscapes. thankyou for the kind words.

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Very beautiful almost like a painting

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Super Lush!

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Thank you Chris.