The Heart by Cory Marshall
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The Heart

November 15, 2014

Australia’s Outback is an unforgiving and wild place. Karijini National Park, in the heart of The Pilbara, in Western Australia, is a rare oasis in a vast desert. Descending into the gorge in the park feels like entering a different world. The walls of these narrow canyons are polished smooth by flash floods that rip through the gorges each cyclone season. Accessing this spot, named Kermit’s Pool, requires you to descend into the gorge and wade through narrow canyons filled with freezing cold chest deep water. The exceptional lines and polished colors throughout the canyon, contrast with the red walls of the upper canyon.

20mm · f/22.0 · 20s · ISO 100
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I love your work Cory!

Jan Christian Zimara's picture

Great location!
Outstanding Picture!

JJ Photography's picture

I have seen pictures of this before. And everytime I see it, I fall in love with it agian and again. It's BEAutiful♥

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