Interstellar by Jacek Woźniak
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November 16, 2014

We came back from the Interstellar movie and we were blown away how good it was :) Nolan is the master! The next day Paulina got inspired after seeing it and after our Gold Skull makeup was published by Dark Beauty Magazine :) She needed to release her creative energy so she just sat down and started painting :)

From the technical point of view, this shot was lit with 3 speedlights. Two SB-600 at 1/16 power in 60x90cm softboxes with grids and one YN-560III on 1/8 power in apollo 28'' softbox on a boom, creating a box of light. Also the weird depth of field was done in camera by freelensing the 50mm at f/4.0 :)

50mm · f/4.0 · 1/160s · ISO 125
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I do apprxeciate a lot your descriptions. Thanks very much for sharing with us your experience.