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Cyan macro world

I've been always facsinated by nature and its flow, colors, beauty, perfection on every live been, rocks, plants, insects, birds, threes, but i found something when i started to make macro photography, i start to feel more connected with it, since i can get closer to wildlife with this technique, i've been seeing life from another perspective, i feel that nature feel the intention, if you aren't able to kill anything that has life, because i retain the togugh that everything that has life deserve to live, and with this i mean every live been, ants, mosquitos, spiders, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL, as we are too. There is a frequency that we can't understand that connect us with all the alive things in this big asteroid that is traveling trough space, we are not apart.

50mm · 1/800s · ISO 800
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POTD! Congrats!!

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Thank you my friend! :)

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Congrats...I love that you took this shot with a Rebel T3i...goes to show it is the photographer not so much the gear when it comes to making great images. Nice work!

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Thank you so much Jason!! :)

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I just bought a macro lens so I am still learning. Do you use any kind of flash or constant light for these photos? I've found it's just too dark when I'm in the woods to get the right exposure for these types of photos. Thanks!

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