Napkin by Dovydas Arlauskas

This product is a never-ending pencil from a company called NAPKIN. I didn't get commissioned for this shoot I just liked the product and straight away had a few ideas of I could shoot it.

This shot is more of a creative advert rather than photographing the actual product. I tried to capture a very over exaggerated feel with this shot to show the "struggle" you have to go through when using a pencil.

Don't hesitate to comment and critique my images, any feedback will be taken on-board to hopefully improve my work in the future.


80mm · f/11.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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Carlos Teixeira's picture

I like your concept, a couple of things stood out though. Light is lacking a bit of direction and contrast, and a little underexposed, perhaps. Second thing that really touches my ocd bad is the gridded mat, it's diagonal but not 45ยบ. I would prefer to see it horizontal/vertical or perfectly diagonal.