The Dynamic Duo by Lee Morris
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The Dynamic Duo

48mm · f/10.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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So awesome.

Anonymous's picture

Thats alot of lights

Vrijnesh Soomaroo's picture

The Bad Boys...
So Cool

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Jajaja Great Guys!

Pat Black's picture

Should have left the photo with the drone in it!

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hahaha rockstars

Tam Nguyen's picture

Sooooooo sexy!

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Testing the comment functionality and by the way it's very hard to make a good looking photo with so many "random" positioned-looking lights. Good job on that.

Let me see if a link works (and you can delete my comment after that):

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Patrick needs a haircut! ha ha
Great shot guys, keep it up!

Patrick Hall's picture

I always need a's part of my look!

Richard Atwood's picture

ha ha very good!

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Haha... Love this shot

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Very Cool

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thumbs up for this'

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Dynamic is right - you guys are awesome!

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This is the craziest Instagram filter I've ever seen! Titled, "Industry" this shot guys!

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Light power lvl in that photo is over 9000

Philip Vukelich's picture

Haha yes! This is so great. How come I haven't seen this until now?

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haha nice one.... great pic of you guys

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Ghost Busters ! The Light Catcher!

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whats up lee love your vids

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You guys are so friggin cool.

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Nice :)

Paulina Jowita Koltun's picture

amazing !

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Epic! :D :P

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You’ve Got All The Right Moves!