Fraumünster Church at Blue hour by Anton Galitch
Anton Galitch's picture

Fraumünster Church at Blue hour

Fraumünster Church in Zurich, Switzerland is one of he iconic buildings of this city. The surrounding area and the old town is a great place to walk around to appreciate the centuries of history.

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Manuel Mohorovic's picture

Really nice shot! Was there a few days ago! Could it be possible that we were there at the same evening?? 😅

Anton Galitch's picture

Hey, I definitely saw someone with a gfx, so maybe 😁

haha now that I looked at your photo, we have the same clouds

Manuel Mohorovic's picture

Yep! That was me! 😅😅😅

Chris Jablonski's picture

For all I know, you might have both used the same sky replacement! ;-)

Beautiful image, Anton. Love the glow.