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Chasing Venus

Star stack of long exposures and light blending

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Great job, Joseph! Nice to see star trails actually worked into a decent composition, not always an easy thing to achieve. I love that reflection of Venus. Did you deliberately give the Venus streak a separate "head"? The effect is terrific! Very interesting image.

You've diversified a lot recently. You have a fine creative streak, and great eye for composition. Well done. Not so long ago you were calling yourself a photo newbie!

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Haha thanks Chris!! I still consider myself a newbie though, i just love photography and all you can do with it. Probably the most versatile medium there is. Plus my curiosity gets peaked every time I see something beyond my skill level and want to try and recreate it.
The Heads were a pleasant mistake with stacking but i liked it and left it, i wanted a reflection of all the stars in the pond but wind came in so oh well.