Budapest Parliament at dawn by Luca Campioni
Luca Campioni's picture

Budapest Parliament at dawn

April 17, 2020

Before the sunset on Budapest Parliament captured from a boat on Danube river

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Paola Padron's picture

Lovely color tone!

Luca Campioni's picture

Thanks so much for your feedback Paola that's greatly appreciated.

Matthias Dengler's picture

The tone is great! I photographed this building, too.
It is very hard to find the proper symmetrical position. You were close. Still the window reveal that you slightly missed it. Other than that, very nice!

Luca Campioni's picture

Than you so much for your vote and your comment im truly glad for that you're right about it isn't perfect but I taken this from a boat so it was pretty hard catch that I tried to adjust the perspective with photoshop a bit.

Matthias Dengler's picture

You are more than welcome. For being on a boat - as written in the description - it is really really close. Good job!

Luca Campioni's picture

Thanks again Matthias 🙏

Luis Cajete's picture

I love this shot, i can appreciate all the details of thid gorgeous building. Nice work mate.

Luca Campioni's picture

Muchisimas gracias por tu parlabras ( I'm sorry for my Spanish) many thanks I really appreciate that 🙏

Brian Wetzel's picture

tastefully done

Luca Campioni's picture

Bunches of thanks for your feedback Brian 🙏