Duraton milky way by Luis Cajete
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Duraton milky way

Starry night in the sickles of the Duraton, an incredible landscape near Sepulveda. It was a shame not to be able to see the scorpions of the area, haha. I hope you like it, as always and that you are well these difficult days

14 · f/2.8 · 30 · ISO 6400
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muy guapa Luis

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Muchas gracias Carlos!

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

What a master shot Luis ­čÖî

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Many thanks mate, I just hope that I could show well this great place.

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Brutal Luis!!

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Gracias jose!

Alejandro Garc├şa Bernardo's picture

Que guapa Luis

Luis Cajete's picture

Gracias Alejandro!

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Mil gracias tio!

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Insane work ­čśŹ

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That place is gorgeous, even with night ­čśä. THANKS!!

AL Sullins's picture

What a great shot, Thank you.

Luis Cajete's picture

Many thanks mate, glad you like it