The Eternal Sunset by Liam Searson
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The Eternal Sunset

April 24, 2020

Something awesome about the Arctic Circle that you may not know: in the winter months, when the amount of sunlight you get dwindles by the day, something special happens. Because you're getting only 3-4 hours of "daylight" in the northern latitudes by the time it's December, the sun hardly gets above the horizon! This leads to this awesome phenomena which I called the "eternal sunset", giving this beautiful but oddly apocalyptic feeling, because the sky looks like this the whole day! Now of course the day is way shorter, but we would be waking up and seeing this at around 9-10am, and it would look almost exactly like this until the sun finally disappears, at around 2pm. It's insane stuff, it means the entire day you get this gorgeous backdrop in the sky. It allowed me to have some awesome photography opportunities like this one, from within a a random forest at the edge of the city.

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nice work

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Thank you!