Memories of a Time to Come by Thomas De Franzoni
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Memories of a Time to Come

This beautiful little church is located in Slovenia not far from Lake Bled. it is a magical, peaceful place where you can breathe peace and serenity.
This photo was taken during the morning of a winter day.

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Carl Kruse's picture

Soft, other worldy, ethereal.

Thomas De Franzoni's picture

Very glad you like it, a big thanks! Greetings

Carl Kruse's picture

Love so many of your images. Your play with the earth tones as they meet the sky tones, creating a beautiful marriage between Earth and Heaven.

Thomas De Franzoni's picture

Highly appreciated, very happy to think that! Thank you 🙏

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

incredible work Thomas! keep it up!

Thomas De Franzoni's picture

Much appreciated, thank you so much! Regards

Alan Brown's picture

Fantastic, 5-star image Thomas! I love your tones.

Thomas De Franzoni's picture

Thank you so so much! Regards

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