Yasaka in red by Daniel Viñé
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Yasaka in red

April 27, 2020

beautiful Kyoto buildings with the famous Yasaka Pagoda in the background.

A place that at sunset is full of photographers, tourists, people passing by and even some car from time to time.
We were there two sunsets with tripod and saving place with little results because with so many people it was very complicated.
I was also a sunrise but the sun was coming out from behind and the colors were null, the last day we passed by there we were walking around the area and the clouds started to take some color, we approached the famous street and full of people as always, but magically there was a moment when there were only a couple of people who could be easily cloned. Taking the picture on tiptoe with a photographer underneath and some on the sides and of course on the pulse, in the end this shot was the one I liked the most.

29mm · f/5.6 · 1/10s · ISO 100
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Shadowsoflight Lap's picture

Precioso trabajo, como me gusta ese encuadre.

Thomas De Franzoni's picture

Magic atmosphere, love the processing! Congrats

jabi sanz's picture

Me parece una foto super bonita, la suavidad y los tonos de 10

David Martin Castan's picture

Tremenda amigo

richard toribio casares's picture

buen curro tio,unos tonos muy guapos

Jose Luis Llano's picture

Que maravilla Dani!! los tonos son una pasada amigo!

Merce Hernando's picture

Qué bonita composición y tonos Dani

Eneko Guerra's picture

muy bonita dani!

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