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Wyatt & Madison Holiday Card 2014

Creating holiday cards has become an annual tradition for me now. This scene was created with my girlfriends niece, nephew, there dog, sled, axe, and house. All shot indoors in there home.

Backplate was created using 8 stock images. Foreground & falling snow was all hand drawn in photoshop.

Main light - Canon 430EX in a 40" shoot-though Umbrella - camera left.
Moon light - Canon 430EX bare with CTB gel - camera right.
Fill light - white sheet on floor.
Lantern light - Canon 430EX inside lantern with rust gel to simulate candle light.
Flash's triggered by Yongnuo wireless triggers.

Camera info:
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 24-70 2.8

70mm · f/8 · 125 · ISO 125
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Thank you matt

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This is awesome. Would be cool to see BTS photos of your setups.

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Thanks, I have 2 more cards to make. I am going to try to document them better.

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Five stars for sure! All the details are great, lighting, colouring, composition, and editing. Love it!

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Thank you for the compliments.

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I dont usually like all those "christmas cards" stuff... But this one is awesome!
Top quality work for sure!
Would be great to see another 2 cards.