The evening gloom by Abir Bandyopadhyay
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The evening gloom

May 12, 2020

Last summer I went to the holy mountain town of Badrinath, India for a family trip.
While Badrinath is famous among most people as a pilgrimage site, only after visiting the place people realise how beautiful and scenic the valley really is.
While strolling across the town with my camera and tripod one evening, I spotted this twin waterfall at a distance.
The photographer in me didn't want to miss the opportunity to capture this beautiful view.
It was around 4 km from the town centre and the difficult terrain didn't make it easy for me to navigate the spot.
After wandering around for some time, I finally reached the spot.
As it was getting late and dark, I quickly set up my tripod and camera on it to capture a long exposure photo of this magical view.
Even though my photo does no justice to how magnificent the view was, I tried my best to depict my feeling of the moment.
When I was done shooting, the clock displayed 7:30 PM and it was pitch dark around.
Once again I had to struggle a bit to return to my hotel.
But in the end, when I saw the photos I clicked and recollect the memories I made, I fell it was all worth it.

Captured with a Sony A7III with 28-70 kit lens, a Kodak 10 stop variable ND and Benro tripod.

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