Spring Nights by John Byrn
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Spring Nights

May 12, 2020

The PNW has some amazing spring flowers and the Lupine plant is by far my favorite of the spring bloom season. I have wanted a shot of them from blue hour with the Milky Way rising over the horizon for a few years now and I happy with how this edit turned out. Feels like I have been editing nothing but Milky Way shots more than anything this year which has been fun...minus the horrendous hours it takes to capture the night sky. 😴😴😴

Image Details
📷: Canon 5dmIV #teamcanon
Lens: Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art
Tripod: Induro CLT203/BHM2S
Tracker: Slik ECH-630 and SMH-250 tracking system.
Foreground: 9 images stacked for focus
.5 secs | f/10 | 24mm ISO 5000
Stars: Single Tracked image
108 seconds | f/2.8 | 24mm ISO 1600

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