shah-i-zinda by damian sa
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low angle, inside-out, view of shah-i-zinda.

shah-i-zinda or “the [tomb of the] living king,” the ancient shrine to Qusam ibn-Abbas

the history of this sacred place began fourteen hundred years ago. i each tile and wood tells a story bridled with lapis blues, orpiment oranges, and gold foil... the story of devotion, religion, love, of reverence, a timeless story that intertwined the lives of generations gone and those yet to come...

shah-i-zinda | samarkand, uzbekistan 🇺🇿


technically there were several challenges with taking this show. tourist aside, the sun and the light is difficult to grab, the space between the buildings is narrow so only a few strings of light make it to the inside.

18mm · f/6.3 · 1/320s · ISO 800
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