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The Kingdom of the World

New work from yesterday’s morning fog. This is the first time I witness this type of perfect fog in June! The light and how the fog was sneaking around the skyscrapers was magical. I decided to do this monochromatic work to leave you with abstracted work of how the fog and the stunning skyline of Dubai mix together. Soon I will publish more photos of the colorful sunrise. Stay tuned for a lot of exciting projects very soon and will be happy to hear your comments

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Thats a stunning shot from Dubai !

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Thanks a lot, gld you like it.

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an excellent cityscape shot.....I also like the monochromatic look

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Thank you so much. I really ove this tone.

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Stunning shot, love the mood

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Thanks, Jabi. Happy that you liked it!.

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amazing job ahmed congrats!!

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Thanksa lot Hanaa! Glad you like it :)

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nice monochromatic look, but composition is not strong part of this photo

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Thanks, Well I guess it could be tighter from above or the main tower could be more to the right. But then I will lose the nice tower on the right side that is acting like an anchor to the eye. But actually 16:9 could be interesting also. Thanks for the feedback :)

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Very nice