Morning Wood BWCA by Jerome Brill
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Morning Wood BWCA

June 18, 2020

I took this on my yearly trip to the BWCA Minnesota.

This was on Seagull Lake on an island just south west of Miles Island. 48.128333, -90.938258 Great campsite with some nice views of the surrounding area. I decided to wake up early to catch the sunrise. While there is a nice peak on the island that you can hike to, there is another at a higher elevation in the direction of the sunrise. I wasn't able to see horizon from the top. Not wanting to canoe to the other side of the island I decided to looked for a different composition. There is a nice tree line with a couple tall burnt trees from a fire many years go. I figured I try out a long exposure with my telephoto. The sun started to rise illuminating the surrounding landscape. A few clouds had rolled in also. I think it turned out well and capture how serene that morning was.

25 Seconds

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