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December 15, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, i had the chance to be introduced to a team of "free-runners" via a mutual friend. This friend showed me many videos of these incredible athletes many times before i actually meet them so you can imagine how excited i was having them under the hand! Most of them were heading back to their hometown on the same day, but two of them would stay overnight because their car was getting a quick fix at a local garage... I asked them if they'd like to try a photoshoot with some flour and a couple of flashguns and they simply smiled back! i couldn't be happier and i quickly went to the closest store to buy some flour, prepared my gear and figured out which location would do. I then called two friends out to assist me (holding a flash and covering the athletes with flour!) and we went to the spots. i spent the first 30 mn setting up the lights and camera while they were warming up and then i just clicked their incredible moves and tricks! On this photo the flash firing from the right didn't as i was continuously shooting. it simply not had enough power to keep the although "slow" FPS of the D800 and i had to get some missing light on his body back in post.

50 · f/5.6 · 1/125 · ISO 800
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Very cool!!

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thx Mujtaba!

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Great shot!

Shai Bachar's picture

how can we see more of that photoshoot?

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Thanks guyz! Shai you ll find 2 more pics of this shoot on my profile and my website (crappy at the moment because it s far from finished...) as this was a non-planned and short duration shoot these are the only good shots, but i have not reviewed all of the raw files and i might have one or two good shots left to discover and process!

sand mag's picture

And what a smart idea yo use flour.
Movement, lightness, he seems being flying... Beautiful!

Charlie Magrin's picture

haha big sis' i caught you!! thank you :)

John Howell's picture

What a great idea! Fantastic shots!

lisa kalloo's picture

This is gorgeous. I love it love it love it. I want to see everything you've done, you're inspirational.

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thanks a lot Lisa!! these are actualy the best shots of that short session, we unfortunately had only 2 hours to spend on it but i promise you there will soon enough some new stuff, again with parkour athletes but with something new i've never seen shot with that sport yet! i wait for some gear that i ordered last week and then i'll be back on shooting new stuff! you can click on "follow" so you'll be noticed when i'll add more images! thx again for your comment Lisa!

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Perfect shot.

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Thank you Jaydie!

Gerald Macua's picture

Awesome!! Superbe travail

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