Jumping spider by Jose Luis Llano
Jose Luis Llano's picture

Jumping spider

July 12, 2020

I think it was not more than 3 mm.
It took me a while, because they are very scary and very fast, but in the end it was worth the wait.

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richard toribio casares's picture

que fina tio muy muy guapa!!

Rubén Vela Martín's picture

Este tipo de fotos me parece una maravilla! Es preciosa!

Efren Yanes's picture

Una maravilla Jose Luis!

Tiago Marques's picture

I love the composition with the light coming from the top right corner! Great work!

Jacin Fernández's picture

Vaya detalle, en grande es una pasada compi!

Eneko Guerra's picture

Maravilla tio! Menuda finura

Gregory Thanos's picture

Beautiful picture!

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