inspired by Pep by Kai Hornung
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inspired by Pep

Some summer feel in this image. Although it was taken in spring really. Long before I started my own photography I had bought two art prints from the great Pep Ventosa. I had always loved the vibrancy and vivid feel of his abstract images.
When my travel plans vaporised in the covid outbreak I remembered his images and thought 'why not try this technique myself'?. I probably did not do Pep justice with my homage to him. But it turned out as a nice shot and something different for my usual body of work.

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Looks like a painting ...

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yes, exactly

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Beautiful work!

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Lovely work Kai, and I think Pep would agree. As someone who has been working on the technique for the past year myself I can say this is a great example.

A little titbit.... not common knowledge at this point but Pep is scheduled to be featured in the December issue of ICMphotomag online magazine. The mag is worth a look if you're interested in ICM

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Cheers Alan! Thanks for letting me know. And thanks for you kind words.

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