Studio Session With Mariana by Alexandre Leitão
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Studio Session With Mariana

August 7, 2020

More and more I feel myself dragged to this thing of black & white photography. I can't tell why it appeals so much to me. It has a certain charm to it.I like the way this old fashioned style blends so well with modern looks and hair styles. I would say that it adds a classy look and feel to the image. What do you think?

67mm · f/8.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Alexandre, kudos on your black and white work. I'm heartened when I see people stepping back to the basics and eschewing leveraging tools like PhotoShop to produce over processed images that don't actually even (in my opinion) illustrate the subject as it looked in person.

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Hey Gary, thx man.I'm trying on my own to just leave post processing behind. I recently started to shoot B&W and fell in love with it. And I just notice that too much photoshop just doesn't fit the style so every day I'm more and more fixing my lighting so I can do all in need before the shot... Its hard but I will get there! I really appreciate your comment is good to know someone noticed it. And man.. you have some really cool B&W long exposure don't you? :)

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Alexandre, you're welcome and thanks for acknowledging my work.

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This is a beautiful design!