Moments before the blue hour at Mount Fuji. by Herbert Ferreira
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Moments before the blue hour at Mount Fuji.

August 10, 2020

I traveled 130km to photograph the blue hour of Mount Fuji, I had to be very fast because some fishermen arrived who disturbed the scene. The car light to the left of the photo gave a certain charm.

Cano RP
35mm · f/4 · 69” · ISO 400
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Gregory Thanos's picture

Great capture!

Herbert Ferreira's picture

Thanks man!

Ralf von Samson's picture

What kind of light is this. This can't be the sun...

Ralf von Samson's picture

Okay, I have seen the other picture without a photoshopped sun. It's not convincing in my opinion, there cant be a sun.

Herbert Ferreira's picture

It's a car light, unfortunately there's a road over there.

Herbert Ferreira's picture

There would be no way to be the sun, because it rises behind the mount. I put in the description of the photo

Ralf von Samson's picture

Okay thank for that information. That makes sense. I would not have shown this photo, the light is disturbing... imho