Session With Julia 2 by Alexandre Leitão
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Session With Julia 2

August 10, 2020

Fragile or Daring? Color or #blackandwhite? It's incredible how a tilt of the head or a tilt of the head can change a picture completely. This is one from last weekend shoot. It was 5 hours of shoot and about 1500 pictures. So which one you prefer?

47mm · f/8.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Black and white of course. That being said and for what it’s worth, I find the big, clunky shoes incongruent with the fragile, delicate bone structure of the model. It’s even more the case in the other image you posted with the same model. Also, the shoes bright white pulls my eye away from the rest of the model.

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Hey Gary thx for the input man. This is the part I was more excited about this community to hear from others. The shoes was a creative choice, I agree they a bit clunky but I don't know if regrete using them. But looking back to what you said yes I think by the middle of the session (when this picture was taken) I lost a bit of control of my lights I'm using a clamshell setup a 95cm octa coming from up and a 60x90cm softbox from below.The octa was feathered to the ground to try to reduce contrast(my space is really small a room with 3.5m2) but I guess I should feathered the softbox a bit. I do really think he is the one that cooked the shoes a bit. But again thx for the input!!!! Looking forward for the next shot!!!!