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Aspectu Tristis

August 15, 2020

I was in a more contemplative mood when I shot and edited this photo.

This is a two light setup. White 17" beauty dish key with a 24x36 matthews flag to create the shadow on the face and a low power background light behind.

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Richard Berry's picture

I love the way you lit it. I always love B&W. Great shot.

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Marek Stefech's picture

this shot is B&W? =)

Richard Berry's picture

I guess not. It looked like it the first time I saw it. Thanks, Marek, for pointing it out.

Mariano de Miguel's picture

that's cool! Outstanding lighting Emily! Love the post production. impeccable.

Emily Moore's picture

Thank you so much! This shot has really grown on me.

Jane & Tony Ackerley's picture

The lighting on this is just superb, the shadow you created is just a great position. I love the crop of the photograph. I am really enjoying your style

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Thank you so much! I love working with flags, they can really add a depth to the image, but they can also be a bit challenging too! Thanks also for your comments about my work. Means a lot. :)

Herbert Ferreira's picture

Congratulations on the Pod!!

Fritz Gessler's picture

very finest

Studio 403's picture

Subtlety, so pleasant this capture

Richard Berry's picture

Congrat's for Photo of the Day.

Paola Padron's picture

such a nice atmosphere, love the shadows!

Emily Moore's picture

Thank you, Paola. :)

Lethu Zimu's picture

Beautiful shot. Did you flag the light in this shot?

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Yes! More info in the description on the lighting, but yes, there was a 24x36 Matthews flag to create the shadow on the face.

Marcel Rapuano's picture

Stunning photos Emily! More impressed by the fact most of them are self-portraits. Do you mind if I ask you about your process of composing and focusing the shots? I always asked myself about the best process of doing self-portraits.

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Hi, Marcel, thanks!

It admittedly takes a lot longer to shoot self portraits than to shoot portraits of others. Most of those don't end up here because most people want me to shoot traditional portraiture. Anyway, I have a few different ways of doing self portraits. A lot of it is just trial and error until I get the composition I want. I have a remote trigger and I shoot tethered. I sometimes also explain to my husband how I want the shot composed and have him help me move the focus point or pan the camera. For closeups, I trigger the remote myself. For three quarter length shots, I get everything composed and then tell my husband when to fire the remote. I end up taking quite a lot of shots. Sometimes I review the shots and decide to go back and shoot the same setup another day. Happy to answer any questions.

Marcel Rapuano's picture

Tks for the reply! Keep the good work!

Jon Le Plaster's picture

Nice tones