Gimme Shelter by Hans Gunnar Aslaksen
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Gimme Shelter

August 20, 2020

Iceland can be challenging for sure. This day the weather was crazy. Pouring rain and heavy wind all day. We entered this cave and got shelter from the bad weather. This was a really difficult image to capture. This is a pano from bracketed shots due to the high dynamic scene. I had to wipe the lens between every shot because the wind blew water spray at us constantly. I mist admit that I am really happy with the result. I guess bad weather is not so bad after all :)

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Gregory Thanos's picture

Great capture!

Hans Gunnar Aslaksen's picture

Thanks a bunch Gregory :)


Lovely shot !

Hans Gunnar Aslaksen's picture

Thank you Sandeep! Happy to get away with a mid day shot :)