Seaside Erosion (in action) by Jimmy Arcade
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Seaside Erosion (in action)

For this image, I was particularly interested in capturing the live-action erosion of the beach, so I used long exposures to create that snapshot in time, in hopes of conveying the action taking place, in real-time. The resulting blurred water and crashing wave help bring the image to life.

This is a composite of 3 different images from the same composition. Because the tide was high and waves were crashing in no discernible patterns, I stuck with this comp for a while, as I wanted to capture the best parts of each directional shift of the waves and piece them together. The compiled puzzle includes 3 separate waterfalls, each falling from the rock on the left.

I wasn’t quite happy with the overall look and tonal balance of the sky, so I replaced the sky and the image came together in a more coherent manner.

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Great detail! Well done!

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Thank you kindly, Gregory Thanos! I appreciate the positive feedback. :-)