The Elephant Rock by Hanaa Turkistani
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The Elephant Rock

August 27, 2020

Saudi Arabia's Elephant Rock: known as jabal alfil
One of world's weirdest natural formations. .
Like the Raouché rock in Lebanon, and other famous rocks in the deserts of the United States which attract photographers from across the world,
the Elephant Rock in Al-Ula, west of Saudi Arabia,
is also set to become a touristic attraction..
search about Madain Saleh the historic mountains u will get in shocked how epic it is..
stay tuned will post asto shot soon!

34mm · f/13.0 · 1/125s · ISO 64
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William Nicholson's picture

Elephant Rock? What??? Looks like a woman's high heel shoe. LOL. Hey I have seen some women in shoes just as big as this.. LOL

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imagine :)