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September 6, 2020

I recently upgraded equipment to the Nikon Z6 camera and purchased a new 85mm z mount lens as well. I also had the chance to travel to Las Vegas area recently and thought it would be the perfect chance to break in the new gear. The vision for this was to create something simple that borders on surreal. I had a large piece of silver reflective fabric that I purchased for the shoot. I instructed the model to throw the fabric in the air and then pose while it floated to the ground, and I really love how the effect translates. Lighting was direct morning sunlight

Model's Instagram: @chaunwilliams
Photographer's Instagram: @TrevorBeatyPhoto

80mm · f/11 · 1/250s · ISO 180
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Well done - strong work!

Moe Bennett's picture

That's my boy, Chaun! Great capture! Good Work!

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Do you know him? He was really great to work with!

Moe Bennett's picture

Yes. I know him. Great Human Being.

trevor beaty's picture

Absolutely, that's awesome

Cool Cat's picture

Great capture!

Matthew Wood's picture

beautiful made shot especially how the light is reflecting off his torso and giving the chest and abs definition. Great work!!

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Thank you Matthew!