What a view! by Jarvis Kennedy
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What a view!

I would love to tell a story about hiking for hours up a mountain, reaching the summit, and then camping out overnight at some alpine lake, but the reality here is a bit less exciting. My wife and I took a gondola trip up Sulphur mountain in Banff, Alberta, Canada, to watch the sunset. This is a really accessible spot for anyone who has the money to spend on the gondola (you can also hike up if you don't want to spend the money!). There is so much to do in the Canadian rockies, even for those who aren't particularly athletic or outdoorsy.

We had a wonderful couple of hours up here watching the sun set, and then it was back down the gondola for us. You can see the famous Banff Springs hotel in the bottom left, and the Bow river flowing through the valley. The Bow river originates at the Bow glacier (about 100km away) and flows through the rockies and eastward through Calgary, eventually turning into the Saskatchewan river and ultimately ending in the Hudson bay.

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