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Cold bones

I took a walk today and ended up on the top of the local 'mountain' and was absolutely stunned of how it looked from up there, looking down at this land dressed in its wintercoat.

This reminded me to always search, search for the beauty in everything. Even the coldest, meanest and roughest places because there will be beauty to be found.

Shot off the peak looking down onto the cliff with a few strong trees fighting the coastal winds, must be chilly.

50mm · f/22 · 13s · ISO 50
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And where is the 'local' mountain?

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It's in Sweden for starters, near the city of Norrköping in a village called Kvarsebo. The 'mountain' itself is called Klinten which is really just a small hill pretty much.

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Thanx! From the Netherlands....

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Thank you, indeed a stunning spot.

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preciosa foto....