Martin's Cave Cabin by Daniel Viñé
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Martin's Cave Cabin

October 6, 2020

Today I upload another photo of the visit to Bardenas Reales with the great friends @martinzalba, @jabisanz and @fotografia_larraya .

When we went to Bardenas Reales that afternoon, since we were visiting with Martin, I took for granted that we would visit "La Cabaña de Martín". The last time I saw it was at night, nine years ago and I'm sure it was going to be exciting, but what I didn't know was that I was going to have the great privilege of visiting "La Cueva de la Cabaña de Martín". And this was the result.

It was quite an experience to visit the Bardenas Reales area again after 9 years.

You can see this photo and more in high resolution in my web:

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