Doc Martins and Gold Sunlight by Steve Roy
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Doc Martins and Gold Sunlight

January 3, 2015

This is Jennifer, shot on the rooftop of my studio. I met the entire team, Jennifer included, just hours before I took this photograph. The long day of shooting was coming to an end for sure.

Crawling out of my camera and onto the roof, I came to notice that the team had all headed back down to the studio leaving Jennifer, me, and some of the largest seagulls I have ever seen, on the rooftop.

The sweet light was fading fast as the sun fell behind the buildings. She was sitting on the ledge, a little too close to the far side in retrospect, of the building. She was looking down to the street nine stories below when she fell... out of character. She turned to me, paused for a minute and said "so, what makes you happy".

She tied her windblown hair back as best she could and we just talked for a few minutes, with the occasional photo of course.

It's a rare and magical thing to just stop, recognize and connect with another person without the distractions of computers, deadlines and agendas.

For few moments, she stopped and said (without saying this exactly),

I see you,
and for a moment - I saw her.

I read a quote over the weekend and, at the time, I didn't realize I needed reminding... It said, "People are just people, they shouldn't make you nervous".


Model - Jennifer / Boston, Ma
Mua - Fei Xu

24mm · f/2.8 · 1/200s · ISO 125
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Love the shot and the background story. Thank you for sharing.