November 4, 2020

Beach, Bikini, Swimsuit,

38mm · f/2.8 · 1/8000s · ISO 79
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Daring Leaderman's picture

Great Image!

Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

Too inviting? That’s is just you.

Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

That’s absurd though. Same logic as those who tell me I’m sticking my tits out, simply for standing up right.
This is a sultry photo. There’s meant to be some physical appreciation. To suddenly say it’s too much because a woman’s legs are not closed, is stupid. The shot is not framed on her crotch either.

Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

Inviting, to me, would include eye contact. You are only invited to enjoy her beauty.

Teresa Oldenbourg's picture

Looks like the art won in the long run :)

Michael Brinker's picture

Great concept! Slay the haters!!

Deleted Account's picture

This is simply amazing, everything from the color grading, framing, model, pose...great job Moe!

Gerd Herm's picture

pictures not worth a tinker´s dam... For sexual use only?

John Sheehan's picture

Great image, nice job!