Blended Sunset Over Mission Bay by Samson Samonte
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Blended Sunset Over Mission Bay

November 5, 2020

This photo was taken Halloween night at Mission Bay Park, San Diego, California, USA. This is my first attempt at the impressionist style timestack inspired by Matt Molloy. This was a really fun way to mix up my editing and photography for a change. The whole process was pretty much "set and forget" from the time lapse process to the stacking and blending in post. This final image is the result of stacking 100 photos from a time lapse and using the maximum blending mode. This was shot with a Sony a7R and Sony 28mm f2 lens. Settings were at f6.3 iso 100. I ramped my exposure time during the time lapse, but I ended at 1/40 in this sequence. Intervals were set at 10 seconds.

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