How to book more weddings with an inkjet printer by Bryan Linden
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How to book more weddings with an inkjet printer

I shot the image above in 2007 and it demonstrates how I used to get clients at weddings. If you look at the framed picture by the cake, it's an image I shot after the wedding.

I used to bring an inexpensive frame and back then either Epson R2400 or R3800 inkjet printer. The couple never knew I was going to give them a print at the wedding. My cost was @ $20 total, but the marketing opportunities were priceless.

Imagine photographing a wedding and presenting a framed photo from the event at that same event. I used to have the DJ announce me and then I would present the print. All eyes on me, brides crying with joy, and more often than not a standing ovation from the guests. That's how you get people to notice and remember you! I was doing this as early as 2002 and I use inkjet printers instead of dye sub because I can print on real luster paper vs. glossy plasticy dye sub paper. Happy Printing!

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