Sunset Up High by John Kimwell Laluma
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Sunset Up High

November 29, 2020

A crop from a 21-image panorama using a DJI Mavic Air 2. I was fortunate to have a nice, soft golden light that day and it accentuated the various ridges around the mountain. It can be seen that agriculture is slowly creeping up the foothills which made me think of our impact to nature. It made me wonder how this place looks like 70 years ago.

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John Newman's picture

Wow! Did you use the native panorama function in the app? I have the Air 2 as well and I find the resulting panorama too HDR-ish for my taste. Would love to know more about your process.

John Kimwell Laluma's picture

Hi John, Yes I used the 180 degree function in the app but I did the stitching myself. I shot in RAW and stitch the DNGs via Lightroom. I never use the proceesed output from the drone itself because it is very contrasty.

John Newman's picture

Thanks! I did not that you can shoot panos in RAW. Guess I'll have to go over my drone again.

John Kimwell Laluma's picture

Yeah, the Flyapp's UI is not that friendly so you have to dig in the camera menu after going to the pano mode.

John Newman's picture

I have to agree with you. I did some quick flying around today and yeah I got to shoot panos in raw format.

Aaron Kefller's picture

Very sharp image for a drone shot! What was the fstop for this image?