Surreal by Jacques La Flèche
December 11, 2020

Here, a little girl no more than 7 years old digs through the recently scattered trash in streets of Giza to pick out the recyclables or anything of significant value greater than plastics.

I took this photograph knelt down from the perspective of her eye’s view. I wanted to connect with her from a different perspective, one that was more intimately involved in what her thoughts must have been in the moment and the normalcy this lifestyle has become for her.

I was there when a substantial cart load of trash was dropped by locals into the street, without missing a beat the little girl and her mother walked over the fresh pile and began digging. It fascinated me to watch this, it was surreal and likewise, not phasing in the least to see. This sight and many others had become so normal to witness that I would have otherwise walked on by if it were not for the solemn placidity this beautiful little girl went about her task. She was so involved with what she was doing, as though it had become second nature, to the extent that there was no recognition of my presence only feet away.

Camera: Nikon F3/T
Lens: Nikon 50mm 1.4D
Film: ADOX ii 20s

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