Merry Christmas !! by Daniel Viñé
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Merry Christmas !!

December 21, 2020

Merry Christmas! With this photo I would like to wish you all happy holidays, although this year has not been good for almost anyone and the holidays will be different, we must always look forward to other years can be worse, better times will come, hopefully in 2021.

As for the photo, it is about the recent express escape I did with Ruben Vela, to the Palencia Mountain, last December's bridge coinciding with the big snowfalls that occurred, after investigating the area a little, we decided to take the photo in front of the village Camporredondo de Alba, the lights of the sunset were not much, but with all that snow and the illumination of the village it didn't matter. I took a 180-degree panoramic shot in the foreground to get the maximum sensation of snow possible and this was the result.
Happy Holidays!

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