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Under Rowena Crest 8x10, Autumn 2020

©2020 Gary L. Quay

This was taken in October 2020 in the shadow of Rowena Crest along the Historic Columbia River Highway. I’ve said it before, but Oregon’s dry side has become my favorite place in the world.

This would be an exquisite negative if my camera didn’t still have some light leaks that I still haven’t plugged. There are two lines of flare that run top to bottom. I corrected them in Photoshop, but it will be hard to print in the darkrrom. I may try to use a reducer to eliminate them.

I used 510-Pyro as the developer, and the detail and tonal range just blows me away. If it weren’t for the light leaks, this would be the finest negative I have ever prodeuced.

A word about 8x10 film. There is a depth here that can’t be gotten with a 35mm sensor. You really have to look at this on a computer monitor, and not a smart phone.

Camera: Deardorff 8x10
12” Goerz Dagor
Film: Ilford Ortho+

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