Portrait of a girl in Museum Gallery Philippopolis in Plovdiv by Dilyana Hezhaz
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Portrait of a girl in Museum Gallery Philippopolis in Plovdiv

January 12, 2021

I was lucky to gain private access to one of Plovdiv's Bulgaria's second largest city) art galleries which keeps its vintage style to this day. Alex and her black dress fit the atmosphere perfectly and inspired me to go for this type of imagery among other styles we shot that day.

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Wow, how did you light this? I like the mood a lot here. Did you have a light outside the window? I like that you gave the black dress a blue feel which works nicely with the browns and oranges in the curtains and surroundings.

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I had assistants holding strobes from the floor above aiming through the window because I didn't have enough balance of light coming through and couldn't put them on any tripods. Several fill lights for the environment to give an illusion of another window shining through from the other side. I'd prefer to work with my own gear but since the photoshoot was about 200 km. away from my own studio, I couldn't bring all the equipment. Overall I used five lights. Some color balance and minimal skin retouch did the rest :)

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Wow! I haven't done much environmental portraiture like this, so I definitely admire the work here. Nice job!

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Thank you! You should, it's quite the adventure and I'm sure you'll enjoy and excel at it. It has its challenges but it's also quite satisfying.