Chains by Alexa Geibel
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January 26, 2021

How do you like this effect?

I have been playing with the lights lately and came up with this cool effect.

I have used Godox Flash with the purple gel and a Softbox in front of the model, then I have used Godox Flash from the left of the model with the blue gel and from the right I have used my studio flash with the purple gel.

And I was holding a chain in front of my lens which gave this cool effect 🙂

I find it is a lot more fun to get everything right on camera and not to waste hundreds of hours photoshopping my photos 🙂

If you guys are interested to see the making of of this photo, then you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel Alexa Geibel where I am going to post Behind the Scenes from this photoshoot.

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