Futuristic City by Daniel Viñé
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Futuristic City

February 1, 2021

Today I bring you a photo from about a year and a half ago. After our trip to Indonesia, we spent a few last days in Singapore. A city that during the day did not say much, but at night it was transformed.
After checking in at the Hotel, we ordered an Uber and went to one of the many places where you have a perfect Skyline of the city, from there we saw the imposing Marina Bay Hotel and the Art and Science Museum in the shape of a lotus flower.

We arrived at the end of the blue hour, but just in time to see the Hotel's light show. Every day they project a show with a lot of lights, lasers, etc. Where the city has a much more futuristic look still.

Although I took several pictures during the show, when it was over and I could think more calmly I realized that what I liked the most was a panoramic view of the city. So, I took the picture and then we were walking around a city that does not leave you indifferent.

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Guapisima dani

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So beautiful