Argyle Grain Elevator by Chris Rosebrough
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Argyle Grain Elevator

February 3, 2021

The Covid lockdowns have forced me, along with pretty much all photographers, to find interesting compositions locally. The dramatic Black and White Fine Art Architectural Photography that has become popular over the past few years has always fascinated me. But there are zero skyscrapers near me. The best that I could come up with are some of the more notable grain elevators in the small towns of northwest Minnesota.

This composition, which is my best attempt at the genre, was shot in Argyle, Minnesota. I intentionally waited until late afternoon in order to get the best possible light and patiently scouted the subject in order to find the best light, textures and leading lines.

I can't say that I've perfected the Fine Art techniques necessary to pull off a composition like this but, I was very pleased with the final image.

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