The Human Forklifts of India by Ayan Bhattacharya
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The Human Forklifts of India

February 5, 2021

A migrant boy looking at the camera on a winter Kolkata street early in the morning before reaching behind the truck to carry heavy loads over his head to the market behind.

Working as a daily laborer, he gets to work as soon as the trucks loaded with vegetables arrive on the roads beside the market and bundle 70-120 kilograms of vegetables on their heads before carrying them to the wholesalers inside the market.
Each laborer works for around 12 hours per day and earns about INR 300 to 500 ($5 to 8.50) for the exhausting work.

These men are vulnerable to serious diseases, with severe damage to their spinal cords and central nervous system from the years of herculean work.
Most of them retire to their villages by 45 years of age.

Fuji XT100
3.5-5.6 · f/6.4 · 1/70s · ISO 200
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