Self Portrait of a photographer by Dan McClanahan
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Self Portrait of a photographer

February 10, 2021

I used my quarantine downtime to capture this image with my Honda Element and all the gear that gets packed into it for commercial shoots. This is also my alleyway where I park daily, so the context of the scene is important. The finished shot is a blend of strobes (as seen) and light painting with an LED light to accent the little details around the frame.

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Andreas Wetzel's picture

Cool and fun image. Good color choices for sand bags and jacket. Maybe you could have shifted your card pouch towards orange.
The distortion gives me the uncanny feel that the lightstands left and right are about to topple over, though. The next impression I get is that you are the kind of photographer who is ready to leave as soon as your assistant finally gets the packing up part done. The part of you being all relaxed while your lenses are spread out on the floor, probably by someone picking up the camera bag with the zipper still open, is totally unrealistic. Totally.
Well done.

Dan McClanahan's picture

Thanks for the comment, and good call on the pouch color! I wish I had an assistant that packed up for me, but I live in small town Iowa and usually have to lug all this stuff solo.

D. A. Butler's picture

Just happened across your image and I think it's great. I've found that photography is one of those few things you can do on your own and have a blast and in this pandemic posture that is paramount. I'm a newcomer to the field but I like the image and it's concept.

Dan McClanahan's picture

Yes! It is the activity that has helped me retain my sanity this past year. Practicing my light painting technique and honing still style of imagery has been my main hobby, outside of changing diapers 😂

D. A. Butler's picture

Understood, I've found it almost impossible to find my vision in this posture and the matters that may develop with it. Keep your vision going it inspires some, especially newbies like me!!!