La Femme Dans Le Noir by Emily Moore
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La Femme Dans Le Noir

March 11, 2021

This photo of my friend and talented artist, @maxine_thirteen , is meant to conjure film noir but in color. On my instagram (@emilyhmoorephoto), you can check out the black and white version as well.

This shot was created with four lights. One spot projector (no gobo) behind on black seamless paper to create the moon shape. There were two lights with reflectors on either side and slightly behind to light the hair and face. There is also a light camera right in front with a softbox to create some subtle fill.

50mm · f/8.0 · 1/125s · ISO 100
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Andreas Wetzel's picture

Great work, as usual.
There is a slight dark edge on the bridge of the nose, right below her left eye. Maybe her cheek comes in there, looks a bit like a masking error, which it isn’t. If I want to be super critical I notice that the halo of the bright circle is a bit more defined between her lower and upper arm, but that is really a minor thing. Good job.

Emily Moore's picture

Thanks for the feedback. It is her cheek, but I can see how that light might be disruptive as with the definition on the circle on her arm. Thanks!

Hector Reyes's picture

Very good. I've never used a light behind the seamless. I might try that.

Emily Moore's picture

Thanks, Hector! It's not behind the seamless. It's actually boomed over her head pointing down, but it's a pretty perfect circle from the optical snoot.