Jinxed by Yogesh Dhakal
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March 12, 2021

Reached Iceland to find out my luggage didn’t arrive .. after two days the luggage came but with no batteries .. so I could not use my drone or my gimbal .. luckily the cameras I carried in my hand luggage had batteries in them …

I roamed around hopeless for two days and slowly the photographer within me started to kick in ..There was no other way than to improvise and manage with what I had at hand

We reached this epic place on the 3rd day and my new mirrorless camera decided to take a swim in the sea and die… I was left with a remaining full frame Nikon with a wide angle lens that always showed F90 for some reason .. the autofocus was not working .. something happened with the connection points .. I took all the pictures with that very lens using manual focus .. Afterall I had few keepers from the whole trip .. but I will soon visit Iceland again and this time carry all my batteries in my hand luggage .. 😊

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Jinxed indeed, Yogesh! Well, you pulled a gem out of that situation. Love the drama - your graphic design background has left its mark. Well done!

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Thank you Chris .. I appreciate the time you took to go through the story behind it .. the trip was indeed jinxed or maybe very amateur of me to not know that batteries were not allowed in the luggage .. But everything ended well at the end .. Regards and Cheers